BBQ on the Brazos

Blowing Smoke. Eat More Q.

Texas Monthly

Combining barbecue and tacos is a damn-near perfect culinary Texas creation. In fact, it is the barbecue tacos at Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ in Austin that has made this one of my favorite joints in the state. I’ve often wished that more tortillas were stuffed with smoked meat, so I was happy to find another joint that gives even Valentina’s a run for their money: BBQ on the Brazos, in Cresson.

Dallas Observer

An easy hour’s drive from Dallas on a Saturday morning, BBQ On The Brazos is well worth the trip.

The World's Table

Although we were already sufficiently full, we just so happened to be heading west to another fine BBQ establishment in Cresson, TX – BBQ on the Brazos. Located right off of Highway 377.


It should come as no surprise that a barbecue joint, not to mention one in a gas station, would serve breakfast tacos -- killer ones at that.

Star Telegram

BBQ on the Brazos tied Dallas’ vaunted Pecan Lodge. But the way the barbecue business has boomed, particularly around Austin, it’s a triumph to have any Dallas-Fort Worth-area restaurants on the list.

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